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Lost Dog "Little Sheba"

Flyers for the Huntington's production of Come Back, Little Sheba
I created these fun flyers for the Huntington's production of Come Back, Little Sheba, and they were posted all over Back Bay and the South End! They read:
Lost Dog
"Little Sheba"

Little Sheba is such a cute little puppy. She’s white and fluffy, especially right after a bath, and her little hind-end wags from side to side when she walks. Little Sheba was last seen at the home of Lola and Doc Delaney, before she just vanished one day. Her loving owner Lola dreams of her every night and calls from the front porch every day for her to “Come Back, Little Sheba!” While Little Sheba is not wearing a collar, she is recognizable as a symbol of lost youth and innocence. Join the search party, which will depart from the Roberts Studio Theatre at the Calderwood Pavilion daily from March 27 – April 26. For details and updates on the search for
Little Sheba, visit:

(The phone number to "Call About Little Sheba" takes you to our Box Office :)

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